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Jackie's spinning classes are the best spinning classes I have ever been in.  He knows every participant's ability and pushes each of us to give our all – every class.
— James S. Simon, Esq.

I recently told a friend of mine that I had been working out with Jackie since 1993 and he said "all that time and this is what you look like?" I said yea can you imagine what I would look like if I hadn't been working out!
— Thomas R. Luck

I have been working with Jackie for fourteen years now! After two knee replacements and one hip replacement, a torn biceps tendon and an ankle with nine pieces of metal, he has kept me moving, able to travel and functioning as if I didn't have all my problems. He monitors what I do while pushing me to do as much as possible, always watching out to make sure I don't injure any part of my body while doing something with every muscle group.
— Dianne R. Newman, Attorney

I have been working out with Jackie for almost a decade. He is truly THE rock star of any trainer out there! Not only is he a consummate professional , he is an amazing motivator. He has an abundance of knowledge in all respects to physical health. Jackie genuinely cares about every single client that walks thru his doors. His devotion and love of what he does, and how he does it is ten-fold.
— Abigail Bucker

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