Jackie's Gym spin class


What if I've never tried a cycling class before and I'm not a biker?

You don't even need to know how to ride a bike to come to a spin class! Our spinners ages range from 14 to 79 years of age and we teach you how to spin prior to your first class. We know that your first class can be an overwhelming experience however we have the knowledge and the skills to make it an smooth and rewarding experience.

Is spinning a good workout for burning calories and losing weight?

Spinning is one of the most effective and efficient workouts you can do. You can burn anywhere from 450-800 calories in 45-60 minutes session (depending factors like age gender and weight) and on the level of your intensity. In comparison, a 170 lb. male runner will have to run up to 7 miles in 45 minutes to burn 800 calories.

If I have an injury from another sport is Spinning class a good alternative?

Taking a Spinning class may be an excellent way to cross train. Cycling is a no impact, no weight bearing activity, and as a result you can maintain your fitness and intensity level, while you are recovering from your injury. However only your doctor can determine if the Spinning program is a safe option for you.

How do I sign for a class?
First you need to open an account, sign up
- New user
- Enter first & last name
- Create a username/password
- Create a profile – please include email address & phone. Then buy a series that fits your needs.
Go to SPINNING CLASSES read the class description, and if you like a class click on SIGN UP NOW and reserve your seat.

If a class is full, you can put yourself on the waitlist. If a bike opens up in that class, you'll be placed into the class and notified via email.

How far in advance should I sign up for a class?

You can sign one week in advance at any given day. We recommend that you sign up for your favorite classes as soon as possible as many classes fill up quickly due to the high demand and the limit we set for the class size.

It is my first spinning classes, any good advice for me?
Wearing padded cycling shorts or using a gel seat cover will definitely make your ride more comfortable. Cycling shoes are made with a very stiff sole that enables more powerful pedal strokes. Cycling shoes can also be used with clipless pedals, which facilitate a push/pull action and more efficient pedal strokes. At JACKIE'S GYM we use SPD compatible clips as well as cages for those who do not have cycling shoes.

You must have a heart rate monitor to participate. You may bring your own or rent one from Jackie's Gym. The Spinning program consists of five Energy Zones. These Energy Zones vary in intensity and are based upon certain percentages of your maximum heart rate. By wearing a heart rate monitor, you will be better equipped to assess the intensity of your ride and determine when to push harder, maintain your pace or reduce your effort. By taking the guesswork out of your workout you maximize your efficiency while minimizing your odds of overtraining, injury and burnout.

If you have never take a spinning class, we will schedule a free 15 minute intro to spinning prior to your first paid class. Then enjoy a second class for free!

What kind of clips do your bikes accept?
We offer the most sought after indoor cycling bike in the industry. Each bike has SPD compatible clips as well as cages for those who do not have cycling shoes (a cross trainer tennis shoe is recommended). Our bikes also include computer monitors that gauge your RPM's, calories burned, distance and heart rate (Polar compatible).

We provide free towels.
We also have changing rooms, showers/restrooms and cubbies for your convenience.

Can I rent the studio for a spin party?
Yes, see management for more information.

I think you're ready! Now, all you need to do is show up, bring a sense of adventure and a great positive energy, because your journey has just begun.